Posted: March 15th, 2023

Online Informative Speech Skeletal Outline (if in BOLD leave it, if not delete

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Online Informative Speech Skeletal Outline
(if in BOLD leave it, if not delete before turning in)
Introduction Attention Getter: I will demonstrate a photo of hundred of tattooed gang members lined up and headed for the new salvadoran prison. (linked below)
Background and Audience Relevance: In early 2020 the MS-13 gang were blamed for many murders that had occurred in a few months so the new president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, who was elected in 2019, began a major crackdown of routes of these gangs. In a span of 3 days in late march of 2022 nearly 90 people were murdered (record numbers) by gangs in retaliation to these governmental crackdowns. Instead of backing down, the president would double down and request for extensive powers to help the “guerra contra las pandillas”( war against the gangs). The ‘congress’ approved these requests to extend arrest times, monitor citizen communication, and reduce the age of criminality. officers could even force people to strip to check for gang related tattoos if found suspicious. More than 30,000 people had been arrested within a couple months. In late 2022 the “Terrorist confinement center” was constructed and these gang members were moved in on January 31. This is a very interesting topic as gangs are issues all over the world and there have also been some concerns over human rights issues to these prisoners.
Speaker Credibility: As a half-Salvadorian man I feel I am perfect to talk about this. One of the biggest reasons my father left El Salvador in the first place were the gangs. and that was in the 80s. These gangs have been an issue in the country for a very long time.
Thesis/Central Idea: After many many years of the Salvadorian people and government dealing with gangs, something is finally being done.
Preview of main points: Today I am going to tell you a little about the history of this ongoing struggle, what is being done by the government in El Salvador, and finally how the general public feels about it in El Salvador.
Body Main Point 1: History of the crackdown.
Sub Point 1: after the new president was elected, he began small scale crackdowns. He then enforced a sort of martial law inside prisons to send a message to all gangs as they retaliated. Nayib Bukele stated, “…todas las celdas cerradas 24/7, nadie sale ni al patio. Mensaje para las pandillas: por sus acciones, ahora sus “homeboys” no podrán ver ni un rayo de sol.(Translation: all jail cells closed 24/7. no one goes out to even the yard. Message to the gangs: Because of your actions, your ‘homeboys’ won’t see a single ray of sunshine.)” in a message via twitter to the penal director on March 27, 2022. The gangs were not happy and retaliated.
Sub Point 2: The president and the Salvadorian legislature believed they needed to do something about these gangs and they instituted a state of emergency.
Transition – Now let’s talk about what the government did to combat this.
Main Point 2 The president requested a state of emergency to combat this and the congress of el salvador gave him those powers.
Sub Point 1: The police were given powers to crackdown these gangs. According to Anna-Cat Brigada, a freelance political journalist in Latin America, states El salvador changed the age for gang related penalties from 16 to 12, and put in ways to limit judicial power in these cases for mass incarceration in a May 26, 2022 article for aljazeera news.
Sub Point 2:El salvador created a new 40,000 person prison for gang members and began to transport them last month.
Transition – So now that you know what the government did, how does the general public feel about it.
Main Point 3 Although the reactions are mostly positive, there are some that question the methods and/or true intentions of the president.
Sub Point 1: Most people inside the country feel this is all a good thing. approval ratings are through the roof. In a news article on september 16, 2022, Reuters states (quote) “85% approve of his presidency and 95% of his governance in security matters.”(end quote)
Sub Point 2: Some do not agree with methods. On January 23, 2023, the Human Rights watch claims there have serious violations of due process laws and inhuman conditions and treatments for gang members and prisoners. There are also some, like my Salvadorian dad, who see that the actions of the president are very authoritarian and could be ripe for a dictatorship or something similar.
Signal to Conclusion: In conclusion,
Review Thesis/Central Idea: After all those years something is finally being done.
Review Main Points: You now know how it began, what was done by the government, and how the people feel about it.
Memorable Closer: Let’s keep an eye on El Salvador together and see how this war ends… or if it ever will.

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