Posted: September 16th, 2022

10-20 page short story my professor said this was the best part of my essay.

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10-20 page short story My Professor said this was the best part of my essay. “Lily-Rose got into the car as I made a phone call in the driver’s seat. However, as the phone rang, I watched her make herself comfortable and prepare for a nap in my backseat, and I couldn’t help but wonder, was this a sign? Would I be a mother again? My thoughts were interrupted by an abrupt “Good morning, ma’am how can I help you?” I quickly hung up the phone and watched her in my backseat. By the time my conscience would catch up with me, I would already be on the highway. I would be a mother again in every sense of the word. I would be born again and filled with new life and purpose and all that entailed” Professor notes We are getting pretty deep into this story and we still haven’t had much of a spotlight put on our narrator. What I worry about is all this richly detailed backstory might get lost in the story. I’m really excited to see this story slow down and unfold the characters with dialogue and scenes.

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