Posted: September 29th, 2022

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Assignment: In at least one (1) page, for this writing assignment, find the criminal code in your state (or a state of your choosing) for burglary and larceny (theft). Cite the appropriate criminal code(s) in your state and identify the elements of the offenses that as an investigator you would need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a court. Discuss the differences between these two types of offenses. Include in your paper the types of investigative skills and techniques that you think you would need to employ to prove those elements.
For your writing assignment:
(1) identify the appropriate criminal code for your state for burglary and larceny (NOTE – There are usually different levels of burglary and larceny – you may pick ONE level of each type for this paper) Be sure to include a citation for your source;
POTENTIAL SOURCE for STATE CRIMINAL CODES: (Links to an external site.)
(2) discusses the differences between the elements of these two type of offenses;
(3) identify AT LEAST ONE investigative tool or technique that you think would be critical to solving these types of cases and explain why it is important; and
(4) do you believe burglary and larceny (theft) investigations require more expertise than other types of criminal investigations or can any general investigator conduct a thorough burglary or larceny investigation, support your answer.
Submission Requirements
APA Style elements required
Separate Title Page with Name, class, date and topic/title
At least one (1) page of your writing on this topic that includes using in-text citations
12 point font
Times New Roman or Arial
Separate Reference Page – List detailed source information for all references

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