Posted: September 23rd, 2022

4.consider the term “differentiated instruction” from your readings.

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Each response must be at least 75 words ………
1. A new student in your class has been living in foster care and tends to isolate herself from the other students. Based on what you know of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you understand that the student will need to feel that she belongs in your class before she can attempt to learn the content you are teaching. Describe three strategies you could utilize to make this student feel like a valued member of your classroom community.
2. As a teacher, you have the potential to alter a student’s academic trajectory by how you deal with cheating/plagiarism/dishonesty in your classroom. Discuss two strategies that would address these issues in your classroom.
3. describe the difference between teacher-directed and student-directed instruction. What classroom/lesson factors will help you determine which form of instruction to use? Which do you see yourself using in your classroom? Explain.
4.Consider the term “differentiated instruction” from your readings. What does this mean to you as a classroom teacher with students from diverse cultural, linguistic, and ethnic backgrounds, different cognitive development levels, disabilities, and or other factors in your classroom?

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