Posted: March 2nd, 2022

5 Ways to Get Better at Asking for Help

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.The attachment below is the assignment document. please follow the format and DO NOT change anything. You can use is to complete the assignment.The following articles and videos explore some common barriers to asking for help, as well as strategies and tools for doing so. Read carefully; which strategies will you employ as a student here at NLU? Note that some articles in this reading list are available to you through the NLU University Library. You can read these online with your NLU username and password. We’ll discuss NLU Library resources further in later modules.TED. (2017, April 12). Asking for help is a sign of strength, not of weakness [Video]. Youtube.
Shellenbarger, S. (2017, Aug 15). Before you study, ask for help; that’s one of several ways students can better prepare themselves for tests in the new school year. Wall Street Journal (Online).
Baker, W. (2014). 5 Ways to Get Better at Asking for Help. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–5.
The following readings and resources discuss options for building a support network in college, as well as specific services and resources that are available to you as students here at NLU.Lamoreaux, A. (2018). College resources. In A Different Road to College.
Lamoreaux, A. (n.d.). Planning a College Schedule In Blueprint for Success in College and Career.
Review the following document for more information about Academic Advising, as well as a checklist for new students. If you haven’t yet completed the checklist, plan some time this week to do so.NLU Path to Student Success
If you’ve already completed the Eagle Life Orientation, great! Bookmark it in case you’d like to return to it later. If you haven’t yet explored this resource, be sure to plan some time to do so within the next couple weeks.You may also wish to download the Navigate Student App, which lets you view your schedule, make appointments with support personnel, and more!As you’ve learned from the above readings, it’s important to build a strong network of support as a student in college. Spend some time reviewing at least five of the following pages from the NLU website. Take note of any services or resources that you’d like to follow up on or learn more about during your time here at NLU. You’ll refer back to these when you complete Part One of your NLU & You Action Plan this weekStudent Guidebook
Academic Advising & Success Coaching
Student Life
Eagle Life (Events, opportunities, & more)
Counseling & Wellness
THRIVE Community Resources
Academic Support:Learning Support
Help Desk & User Services
NLU Bookstore
Disability & Access Services
Veterans & Military Support
International Student & Scholar Services
Student Rights & Information
Career Bridge
Requirements: as needed   |   .doc file

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