Posted: August 29th, 2022

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you shoudl start with an introduction explaining the research questions you want to ask , what type of analysis (i.e comparing the responses in two/there countries, indicating why you sleceted thse specific countries) and references you use to answer and how the paper is strctured.
Then the first chapter could briefly present the main COVID challenges in the two policy fields and how overall govenrments have repsonded to these challenges.
then a chapert each for the countries you are considering.
then a chapter comparing and discussing the responses of teh considered countries
finally a conclusion chapter summarising the mainresults and lessons learned.
TOPIC: Policy responses to the Covid crisis: a comparison of public support to individuals and firms in Germany and the USA. Chapter 2 should focus on the effects of coronavirus on the employment and industrial conditions .
– Chapter 3 on the coronavirus effects on employment and industrial conditions in Germany and the employment and industrial support measures taken in the Germany
-Chapter 4 on the coronavirus effects on employment and industrial conditions in the USA and the employment and industrial support measures taken in the USA
-chapter 5 ok the comparison of the effects of the coronavirus on labour market and industrry in the countries and the maesure taken to reduce its negative effects. Email sented to me by my professor related to the chapters 1,2 ”
Manuela Samek
23 Aug 2022, 19:12 (4 days ago)
to me
I have read the first two chapters you sent at the end of July and there is still a lot of work to do to improve them, because often it is not clear the country and the period you are considering and it seems that you attach parts directly taken from the cited papers without indicating them as quotations.
Attached is the file with my revisions and comment.
I will read the remaining chapters as soon as possible considering my other committments, however you must avoid copying parts of the articles you cite without indicating them as quotations and putting together informations without clearly indicating the period and country you are considering.
The reference list is too long: it is not likely that you read and considered all the articles indicated. Please only include those relating to the two considered countries and the general analysis reported in the thesis that you have read. Consider that usually the thesis for bachelor degree are of 50 pages max.” The below email is related to the chapters 3,4,5 sented to me by my professor “Attached is the file with my comments on chapters 3, 4 and 5 ( I did not read again the first two chapters, you are already revising).
There is a lot of material, but still all mixed up often with repetitions and not clear indications/reference of parts taken from articles.
It is necessary to rearrange the contents in order to make the paper more clear and easy to read. There is some work to do in order to rearrange the material in a more clear and structured way, eliminate all repetitions and parts that are not necessary, and clearly indicate quotations and references.
In detail, for these chapters I suggest to:
put in chapters 3 all the extensive data and information scattered also in chapter 5 on Germany. Chapter 3 should start with a brief presentation of the spreading of the virus, the approach taken to contain the virus through health ,policies and the effects of the pandemic on the labour market, and then focus on the adopted policies to support workers and companies, including table 5 you have in chapter 5 presenting the main policies in Germany in comparison with other countries. In this way you can avoid repeting the same things in different parts of the thesis. same for the USA: in chapter 4 you should include and integrate also the more detailed analysis on the USA you have put in chapter 5 , including the specific figures and tables on the USA, avoiding repetitions.
in the comparative chapter 5 you should only focus on comparison between Germany and the US using the comparativer tables you have put in chapter 3 and usmmarising the main differences in the policy adopted by the two countries.
all the more general parts on how countries overall have faced and addressed the Covid pandemic should go in chapter 2 to inmtegrate what is there if needed , again trying to avoid repetitions and presentation of single countries that are not the focus of the thesis.

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