Posted: August 29th, 2022

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Thus far, in the course, we’ve examined three areas of professional ethics. We have studied questions of Truth and Lying, Professional/Client Relationships, and Privacy and Confidentiality. For this assignment, you will identify a scenario in your own profession that pertains to one of these areas, and you will perform an ethical analysis of this scenario.
In your essay, you will describe a difficult ethical situation related to veracity, client relationships, or privacy and confidentiality. You will clearly spell out the scenario, then you will, utilizing the frameworks and theories we’ve discussed thus far, analyze the moral choices you might make in this scenario. You will conclude by making and defending an ethical position in the given scenario.
You will be evaluated on your effective use of the theoretical material from the reading, the depth of your analysis, and the coherence of your argumentation. This essay must be between 8-10 pages in the length.

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