Posted: August 29th, 2022

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Respond to 2 students by writing 1 paragraph each. Engaging their response and sharing your opinion
Student 1
If I were to choose a field to focus on, I would say healthcare. Healthcare should be a place where no one is discriminated against due to the fact that there are so many factors that can not be controlled and all patients should be treated the same no matter what they look like. Over the years I have read articles and even experience discrimination from healthcare providers. Often times it comes at the expense of downplaying how patients of color feel or not always giving the same treatment that other races experience. For example, many recent studies have shown that African American women are more likely to die during the process of giving birth than other races. This often comes at the hand of healthcare providers not paying attention to the concerns of patients or not treating them as such. To imagine this field without racial domination would mean equal healthcare experience for everyone regardless of the color of their skin.
Student 2
Pick a field of life on which to focus; imagine what this field of life would look like without racial domination and describe that picture.
The field of life I am focusing on in this discussion is the field of family. Of course, back in the day, interracial couples were super frowned upon. Even nowadays if you are in an interracial relationship, and even have mixed children, people still will look at you as crazy, and wonder why you did that. Even though it should be super normal, people still question it. Without racial domination I picture interracial relationships happening much more. Right now, I think people who want to be in interracial relationships cannot, due to family members not liking the idea. In my picture, families would be more accepting, and if a family member had a mixed child, they would be loved by their family instead of having nothing to do with that child. In my picture, random people would not look at families out in public with a disgusted look. People would not hold back on something they want because other people have a problem with it. I feel like everyone should get to be with who they want, regardless of what they look like. Desmond, M., & Emirbayer, M. (2010). Racial Domination, Racial Progress. New York: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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