Posted: August 29th, 2022

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As part of getting to know you and as part of focusing your attention on what you can accomplish in this course this semester, I am asking you to complete a short reflection.
First, tell me about your strengths as a reader, writer, and researcher. Do you love certain kinds of reading or writing? Are you skilled at interpreting texts? Do you have a creative streak? Do you love grammar rules?
Then, tell me about your challenges as a reader, writer, and researcher. Do you struggle to keep interest in fictional texts? Have you faced difficulties in focusing topics for papers? Do you struggle with procrastination?
Finally, set a few specific goals for yourself for this semester. Your goal could be a grade you are aiming to achieve, but it should also be more than that. Do you want to challenge yourself to complete all assignments ahead of deadlines so you have time to ask questions? Do you want to improve the transitions between your ideas because that is something other instructors always point out to you? Do you want to push yourself to be more of a leader in class discussions? What are some reasonable goals you could make progress on within a semester?
You will submit your reflection through Dropbox. Only I have access to read the documents in the Dropbox; other members of class will not see this reflection.
You should answer each set of questions with a few sentences, and you should be able to see the rubric that I will use for grading Reflection Papers if you click on the Assessments Tab and go to Rubrics. If you have any questions about expectations, ask me before you submit!

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