Posted: August 29th, 2022

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The assignment is to write a 10 page, double-sided, research paper.
Each student will define a topic for a research project on business law and ethics that can be applied to the student’s area of business interest.
The outline for the paper already has been submitted, which contains 10 sources. The research paper must follow the outline that has been written by the student.
Outline written by student to be used for research paper
In October of 2020, Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Inc. sued Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE for using its “patented research tool to develop and test their vaccine candidate” (Bultman, 2022). Although the case has since been dismissed by both parties, this lawsuit raises the ethicality of intellectual property rights within the pharmaceutical industry. While intellectual property laws are designed to promote innovation by ensuring that creativity is rewarded, certain scenarios may result in the opposite- lawsuits that get in the way of innovation rather than encouraging it.
Allowing private ownership over essential goods and services brings into question the ethics of this system. This issue is especially relevant now, as we are all reminded of the importance of innovation in medications, medical processes and medical technologies during the CoVid-19 global pandemic. While this issue is relevant for most everyone, it is especially significant for those who live in poverty and do not have access to these essential resources (Torremans, 2009). This paper will discuss how different countries choose to structure their Intellectual Property guidelines with regards to the healthcare industry, as well as how these laws can impact access to essential medicines for the general public.
This paper will first cover how the US Intellectual Property (IP) Laws are structured in regards to healthcare and how this affects its citizens (Abbott, 2005). This section will also briefly cover International IP Laws and how other countries structure their IP legal systems with regards to medicine (Hein, 2016). The following section will cover various examples of lawsuits that involve medicine such as the Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Inc. vs. Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE mentioned above, while drawing from various schools of thoughts to examine the ethics involved in each case (Engelhardt & Garrett, 2008). The final section will conclude with potential pathways for sustainable medical development, using real-world case examples as support (Roffe & Tansey, 2012).
Sources referenced in outline to be used in research paper
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Allele, Pfizer Call Truce in Patent Dispute Over Covid-19 Vaccine. Retrieved 17 August 2022, from https:// covid-19-vaccine.
Engelhardt, H., & Garrett, J. (2008). Innovation and the Pharmaceutical Industry. Scrivener Publishing.
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Examining the Ethics of Medical Process and Product Patents. Tacoma WA: University of Puget Sound.
Roffe, P., & Tansey, G. (2012).
Negotiating Health.
Taylor and Francis.
Sources from Sofia Library (research paper must contain these sources)
Boateng, B. (2011). The copyright thing doesn’t work here. University of Minnesota Press.
Abbott, F. (2005). Compulsory licensing for public health (61st ed.). World Bank.
Lury, C. (1993). Cultural rights. Routledge.
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Torremans, P. (2009). Copyright law (1st ed.). Edward Elgar.

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