Posted: August 29th, 2022

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This is a reply to a disccusion post. I’m looking for a short paragraph for a reply not a 275 word paper.
This the original disccusion questions:
Dick Wagner’s “To think like a CFP” is a seminal article that lays the foundation for how we as individuals can help lay the groundwork for financial planning as a profession. What does Wagner describe that we need to do to become a profession?
If you are in the financial planning profession already, how have you seen financial planning evolve into a recognizable profession? If you are not yet in the financial planning profession, discuss how the profession you came (are coming) from relates to financial planning (or not) and how your current profession may offer insights to help further establish a financial planning profession.
Finally, how are you “embarking on a journey of epic proportions,” as Wagner states?
This is my classmates reply:
Wagner suggests we need to learn to “think like a CFP.” While this may seem a short-sighted response to the question, it is much more than a surface-level inquiry. The profession of providing financial advice, I surmise, is as old as humanity. Since the time of the first trade of a fish for a pelt, humans have been counseling each other as to what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. What has become different, is that the CFP is attempting to bring standards to a once amorphous and wild-west environment of the business of financial advice. The creation of an organized profession with standards, a code of ethics, a body of common knowledge and expertise, a language, customs and norms, training practices, a core educational curriculum, and a calling to serve humanity, is long-overdue, indeed.
I am new to the financial planning profession, but also come from practicing law, like Wagner. For this reason ,I can relate to his reference to a profession being akin to a “calling” and his invocation of the notion of “divine influence.” Those holding such a view, no doubt, are fueled by a burning conviction to serve. Will riches come to those who master the craft? Likely, perhaps, but those who a driven by a calling-a conviction to serve others, will see that as a secondary benefit of the profession. I believe that a true professional CFP (or doctor, or lawyer, or CPA), definitionally speaking, will hold such values. As a profession, we need to advance, promote, celebrate and emulate those who embody such values. By contrast, we must acknowledge and disavow, with great clarity, those who violate these ideals, in order to make clear to the public, what a CFP is, and what a CFP is not (for example, unethical, sales-based tax shelter salespersons, as mentioned by Wagner). Unfortunately, the public may need to be educated on this, and it is up to all of us to set standards high and hold each other to account.
In terms of how I am embarking on a journey of “epic proportions,” I hope to view this in a more humble way. I hope to show up, every day, with a pure heart, with a deep commitment to mastering the material, and with the embedded value of being in this for the right reasons and the right reasons only. I am in this to help people, and hope that what I learn in this Program will help me accomplish this goal.
Thank you!

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