Posted: January 19th, 2022

A feminist in the media.

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Your discussion board assignment this week is to identify a feminist in the media (this could be a musician, actor, talk show host, news reporter, politician, icon, etc.).

  • Discuss why you think he/she/they is a feminist- what about their work identifies them this way?
  • Try to be original in your selection so that students select an array of people. You must answer all the questions I have posted AND respond to at least one other student- you may do this all in one post or post multiple times. Y
  • our “original” posts must be 375-425 words in length and you must utilize EXPLICITLY engage with your course readings and videos in order to earn full credit. Be sure to cite the materials you use!
  • Additionally, you must also post a minimum 150-word reply to one of your peers.

A full credit “reply” post is more substantial than “I agree…”; the goal of reply posts is to add to the discussion. The reply post should also EXPLICITLY engage with course readings and videos. Edit thoroughly before you submit.

NOTE: Citations and direct quotes are not included in the overall word count. Properly formatted citations (e.g., APA) are required. Additionally, you must put the word count at the end of each post.Course Readings And Videos. There are two lectures to review this module. In Lecture One you will be introduced to the basic concepts which underpin feminist Women and Gender Studies courses. In Lecture Two you will review a brief history of feminist activism and thinking in the United States. Both lectures have voice-over to accompany the PowerPoint slides so make sure that you have your sound turned up and/or some headphones plugged-in. Click on the links below to get started. “See Attached”
Requirements: 375-425

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