Posted: May 5th, 2022

“A Leader creates a successful team.” How?

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Leadership Team Discussion Forum
Read The Last Lecture, pp. 142 – 144; Successful teams do not just happen– “A Leader creates a successful team.” How?
Create your own list of at least FIVE tips for successful group or team efforts, given your current work situation…not that they don’t necessarily already exist there.
If you can make it “catchy” in some way (slogan, metaphor) so much the better for us to remember it better.
Describe for us how important it is for you, as a leader, to “celebrate the milestones.”
So much of what Pausch is referencing in his book has to do with accomplishments—his own and certainly that of colleagues, advisors, mentors, and, most of all, his family.
You are about to achieve a milestone in your life.
From childhood dreams to adult bucket lists—take this to the next step:
Identify what THREE items are on your bucket list for beyond graduation that connect to or enhance you as a professional.
Provide a brief paragraph description/explanation/outline/creative idea such as a “wordle” to accompany or communicate this list.
Post this directly or as an attachment depending upon the manner in which you have developed your response.

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