Posted: February 23rd, 2022

ACL Injury Prevention in Female Athletes

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ACL Injury Prevention in Female Athletes: A Review
ACL Injury Prevention in the Athlete
For this week’s Reflection, please read the articles attached above and answer the following prompts:
1. Characterize the rate of contact vs. non-contact ACL injuries
2. Describe differences seen between men and women for frequency of ACL tear
3. What are the anatomical and biomechanical mechanisms believed to predispose females to greater incidence of ACL tear?
4. What are the most effective methods to prevent or reduce the incidence of ACL tears in athletes?
5. Using the table below, create a 10-minute sample warm-up program for a high-school girls soccer team that is focused on ACL injury prevention. Add or delete rows in the table if necessary.
Exercise types can be any of the following: Plyometrics, stretching, strengthening, balance, agility, or other (describe, such as education (hint!))
Exercise name: Example, forward lunge, calf stretch, etc.
Exercise Type            Exercise            Name            Sets            Reps

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