Posted: June 1st, 2022

Addressing Disruptive and Non-Compliant Behaviors

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In order to complete this assignment, please navigate to where you will find the IRIS Multimedia Module titled Addressing Disruptive and Non-Compliant Behaviors (Part One). Complete all sections contained in the module, making sure you view all parts of the module provided (be especially careful to view all 12 pages of the Perspectives and Resources Section as well as the Wrap Up section). After this step is complete, answer the Assessment questions. Note that you only need to respond to ONE of the scenarios in Question 4. Submit answers to all 6 questions in one document. For information about the grading of this assignment, please see the scoring checklist below. *If you are unfamiliar with the IRIS website or feel confused about how to navigate through the learning module, there are some short and helpful video tutorials at

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