Posted: February 4th, 2022

AI, Automation, and the Future of Work:

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****AI, Automation, and the Future of Work:Ten Things to Solve ForThis executive briefing, which draws on research from the McKinsey Global Institute, examines both the promise and the challenge of automation and AI in the workplace and outlines some of the critical issues relevant for managers. In the post-COVID-19 era, technology will continue to transform the nature of work and the role of managers (…like Zoom for instance). For example, machines will be able to carry out more of the tasks done by humans, complement the work that humans do, and even perform some tasks that go beyond what humans can do. As a result, managers will need to acquire new skills and continuously adapt themselves to advances in the workplace.

  1. After reading the McKinsey brief, how do you feel about having management responsibilities in today’s world, characterized by uncertainty, ambiguity, and rapid changes in the modern business environment?
  2. What skills and competencies do you think are important for managers to have when considering the future of management?
  3. In your response, be sure to reference specific examples from either this week’s readings or the McKinsey article.2. Watch the video on the Hawthorne Studies and then answer the following questions in 2-5 pages (double-spaced):What were the most significant outcomes of the Hawthorne Studies?

Why are findings from the studies surprising (or not surprising) to you?
Describe how viewing organizations as a social systems has important implications for modern-day management practices.
Requirements: 3 pages to 6   |   .doc file

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