Posted: February 4th, 2022

All religions are not essentially the same

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You’ve reached the end of our course! As a final assignment, I’d like for you to reflect on your experience in this course through a written essay. Writing in full sentences in a multi-paragraph form, respond to the following prompt:Reflection PromptOur textbook author, Stephen Prothero, argued in his Introduction that religions are not “different paths of the same mountain”–that all religions are not essentially the same even though it makes some people feel better to say so. For your final reflection:

(1) explain what “religious literacy” is in your own words and why Prothero insists religion matters in the world today

(2) describe an example of difference across two or more religions, and describe 1 example of difference within one religion you learned from this class [these examples must be DIFFERENT religions so you write about 3 religions in total] Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, & Atheism/No religion

(3) reflect on how your thinking of world religions has changed over the course of our Winter term together.**Keep in mind, this class takes an academic and not a devotional point of view. When I ask “what has changed?” I am asking about what you know and think academically NOT what you believe devotionally. In other words, if you learned something along the way, then your thinking has changed because you know something you didn’t know before. Students are NOT expected to leave or join any of the religious groups we learned about in this class and sharing how you’ve joined/left a religious group on its own is NOT evidence of academic learning. Submission: Students can write their reflection in the “Write Submission” area or upload a .docx, .pdf, or .rtf file with their Refleciton.How to do well on this essay: Answer all parts of the prompt in essay form
Be specific and not general when talking about each religion
Use vocabulary from each module/chapter to show what you have learned. If a specific term applies to an idea from the religion, use the specific term
When you use a term, define it
Be mindful of any shifting you may do between a devotional or academic perspective”liking” or “not liking” a religion we learned about is not evidence of knowing or understanding it.
Grading: The rubric for this assignment is included on Blackboard and students are encouraged to view it before submitting their Reflection. This assignment is expected to be the original work of the student submitting the assignment. If there is evidence of cheating or plagiarism on this assignment, students will receive a 0 on this assignment
Requirements: as needed   |   .doc file

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