Posted: February 3rd, 2022

An architecture presentation

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  1. I will need a Professional Collage of four pages 16 pictures or more four pictures or more on each page using word document of the famous architecture building Le Corbusier, Cabanon,
  2. I need at least 8 key words please add 2 key words on each page please let me see communication in the pictures and between the pictures with the key words please help me to find good key words to be fitted in a collage of probably materiality and textures and more plus please add some sentences of your point view
  3. why would someone make a cabin in this place….pleas give me a purpose of why he used the red and green color in the interior please do your research why he picked this place from your point of view please add these notes at the end of the word document Make it look professional and simple please .

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