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“Analyzing the introduction of Hemmingway’s “The End of Something” reveals how the description of Hortons Bay symbolizes Nick and Marjorie’s relationship as well as initiates the sense of loss expressed throughout the story.

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I am requesting assistance for a Literary Analysis paper for American Literature. I have attached the reading list that contains the assignment.AssignmentWrite an essay that argues for the theme of a short story, poem, or play from the syllabus’s reading list by using one or two of the elements of fiction: diction, imagery, symbolism, setting, characters, structure, tone, style, and/or point of view. Please do not attempt to use all the elements in your essay; choose only what you need to justify your claim. While I am primarily interested in how you analyze literary works, secondary sources are required for this assignment.A rough draft thesis could be:The theme of [insert short story] is [insert thematic statement] as revealed by [insert one or two elements of fiction].The above rough draft thesis should be revised for the final submission to be more sophisticated and scholarly: “Analyzing the introduction of Hemmingway’s “The End of Something” reveals how the description of Hortons Bay symbolizes Nick and Marjorie’s relationship as well as initiates the sense of loss expressed throughout the story.”Please remember that in the context of our class, theme is not just an idea, but a statement about an idea. (Please see additional notes about what a theme is on the course site.)Expectations and Standards:Length: 6-8 pages of essay text; that is roughly 1500-1800 words.
Support thesis with documented evidence in the form of quotations, paraphrases, and summaries from the primary source.
Support and/or contextualize your thesis with secondary sources.Secondary sources must be peer-reviewed sources.
A minimum of 4 secondary sources is required.
Follow all MLA guidelines.
Include a work cited page listing the primary text and secondary sources.
Use Standard English.
Conform to description of an excellent essay provided below.
Excellent WorkAddresses all parts of the assignment.
Follows all directions.
Maintains focus on the topic throughout.
Provides accurate, relevant details and discussion to support the thesis.
Incorporates and documents required sources material effectively using MLA guidelines.
Presents information in a logical order that fits the format and topic.
Is easy to understand because all parts of the essay are logically connected.
Uses technical/subject appropriate terminology correctly.
Contains no errors in word choice, word use, and sentence structure.
Contains no errors in spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
ProcessReadall the instructions,
all the supplemental essay materials.
View the video messages.
Select a literary work from the list of reading selections on the syllabus.
Reflect on the possible messages/themes the work implies.
Develop a working thematic thesis statement. This portion is your position, your “I say.”
Outline your claims and evidence for your thematic thesis statement.
Develop and submit a draft introduction to your essay.
Research what others have written about your selected work and/or the thematic topic; that is, find your secondary sources. This portion represents others’ “They say.”Please note that secondary sources:can be about the work itself—other writers/thinkers who have made arguments about the same literary work, and/or
can also be about the theme/topic found in other literary works and/or other disciplines. For example:historical analyses rely on historical sources for the same time period of the literary work,
feminist analyses rely on sources from gender studies, political science, sociology, andso forth…
Draft your full essay focusing on your own position while integrating the secondary sources into what you want to state about the work.
Rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite with feedback from the University’s Writing Support Center and/or this course’s Research Assistant/Reference Librarian.
When satisfied (and before the deadline), submit the final version of the essay to the course site link.
Structure(How to organize your essay)IntroductionAt least one substantial paragraph.
Provide focus and direction for the rest of the essay.
Mention the short story title, the author, and any other information relevant to the argument.(Note: A lot of background information about the author or even about the book/story is not needed for a thematic analysis of the work and should NOT be included in the introduction (or elsewhere).
Include a thesis statement that…Asserts theme to be explored.
Previews primary supporting points in the order they will be presented.
Engage the reader’s interest.
Body ParagraphsSubstantial in length and content.This is the bulk of the essay!!!
This should not be just a 5-paragraph essay.
Keep focus on theme.
Support the thematic claim with at least 4 primary details from the story.
Do NOT have to use a direct quotation from the story for each of the primary supports but if you do…At the end of the sentence that includes the direct quote, include the page number in parentheses. The period should come after the parentheses. Example:One could view the story as proof of Jing-mei’s early assertion that her mother “was right” and she was, in fact, “becoming Chinese” (166).
Explain how and why the supporting detail backs up the theme.These explanations are the main thrust of the essay.
Each explanation builds the case for your argument that the story does indeed have this message (the theme) to convey to the reader.
It is fine to use more than four details from the story.
It is fine to use other details from the story to support your primary supporting detail from the story.
Use objective language. Please note:Avoid first-person point of view; that is, using personal pronouns like “I” and “me.” That means no sentences that begin with or include the phrase “I think” (or something like them).
Instead of beginning a sentence with “I think the theme of this essay is…,” just begin the sentence with “This essay explores the theme…” The reader will know it’s your opinion, and you have more credibility as a writer.
ConclusionAt least one substantial paragraph.
Does not introduce new material.
Recaps the main points of report.
Offers appropriate sense of closure.
Works CitedOn page separate from the last portion of the essay.
Does NOT count as part of the page count for the essay.
Thus, for a 6-page essay, the Works Cited will be page 7.
Use Times New Roman 12-point font for all text.
Title of page should be Works Cited and be centered on first line of page
Entire page is double-spaced, including within the citation.
Use hanging indentation; that is, the first line is flush to the left with the second and subsequent lines indented to 0.5 inch
Reminder to answer this assignment you must use the textbook. And MLA Format.
Textbook: Baym, Nina, gen. ed. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. Vols. C, D, and E. 9th ed. New York: WW Norton, 2012. ISBN 978-0-393-26455-5
Requirements: As Instructed | .doc fileRequirements:Length: 6-8 full pages of essay text; that is roughly 1500-1800 words excluding the title and works cited paper MLA format.
Be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement along with a conclusionPlease be sure to carefully follow the instructions
No plagiarism & No Course Hero & No Chegg
My professor will be submitting the paper to TurnitinI
Please include at least one in-text citation for each paragraph. Please be sure to include page numbers in the in-text citations
Requirements: 6-8 full pages of essay text; that is roughly 1500-1800 words excluding the title and works cited paper MLA format

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