Posted: September 30th, 2022

Armand Del Duca (He/Him)

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Armand Del Duca (He/Him)
4:02pmSep 29 at 4:02pm
Science and technology is extremely advanced within the world of “Chappie”. In this movie, moral capabilities of AI and robots is unrealistically advanced, atleast in today’s reality. Chappie experiences a life fairly similar to what humans do, yet he lacks the biological aspect. I think that this refines what makes us human, in the sense that self awareness is no longer a trait that sets us apart. In my opinion, this is what identity is. He makes decisions fir himself, based on his emotional biases and what he thinks is right. When we reach this technological level in actual reality, the things that make us human become more physical based and opposed to psychological. This is honestly a beautiful thought, that we would not be alone in this level of consciousness and can share the experience with more sentient beings. This very well could not be possible within our lifetime, but it is a pleasant thought barring these robots being destructive. In the Ted talks, the speaker recounts in his final statement (paraphrases) “maybe it’s not the machines that are destructive in nature, maybe it is us”. This notion implies that the driving force for creating sentient beings is to destroy each other. If this is the case then unfortunately the idea that these robots will be moral and caring is not likely. This is unfortunately the most likely reason for developing robots of this caliber, but could be detrimental to society. The destructive nature of humans is undeniable, but that should not define what makes us human. A profound thought is the direction that we give to AI could be our inner most traits, and I’d like to believe that those include love and care, not violence and destruction. With time, we will see what exactly these sentient robots transition into, and hopefully it is beneficial to the world.
post a reply to this student, evaluate his thoughts etcc.. using sources from the movie/internet.

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