Posted: September 22nd, 2022


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Please be advised that my project is about how the use of peripheral intravenous catheters, when compared to central venous catheters, will reduce the CLABSI rate in a trauma ICU unit with 25 beds, and patients will be adults 18 and older. I have done few assgiemts already foor the same calss I need this one to be related and use the same content. See attached documents. I need APA 7th format. I need an introduction. Body: This week, you will bring together all of the assignments you have completed thus far, and compose the rough publish of your change project paper. At this point, you will have submitted each section and received feedback. An attempt to incorporate all previous assignment feedback should be evident. Your rough publish contains all of the expected components of the final publish and is presented in APA format including a cover page, references, and appendices when warranted. Your rough publish is your opportunity to polish previously submitted assignments and combine the sections in a comprehensive paper that show your change project is ready to be implemented. You will take this time to identify and address any weaknesses or gaps in your change project. Your rough publish should only require minor revisions before the final paper.
Your paper should be 25 pages in length, not including the cover page, references, and any appendices. It must follow current APA manual style and format. Each section of the paper should be clearly identified using proper headings.
• Conclusion Please see attached documents prevusly done and use the same referecnes:

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