Posted: September 16th, 2022

Both policy recommendations should provide: a detailed policy recommendation justification for the policy recommendation.

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For the third part of this assignment you will be taking on the role of a consultant for the agency. As the consultant, you will take what you know about the agency and combine it with your knowledge of the scientific literature to provide a reasonable and actionable set of recommendations for the agency. The recommendations might also be directed towards the state legislator or other agency. These policy suggestions may include changes to the law, implementing new interventions/prevention measures, funding, training, staffing, or procedural suggestions. You will use the psych-info database to find research articles that speak to each of your points, one scientific study supporting each policy suggestion. If there are conflicts between the research and the community consensus, you can point this out and incorporate this into your guideline. For example, agency XX said that their practice of ‘therapeutic rebirthing’ was highly effective; however, the scientific literature and media say the converse (people have actually died during this technique). In such a case, you may suggest that treatment agencies be required to attend a scientifically based seminar annually in their area of treatment provided. Step 1: Choose ONE of the organizations from Homework 2 Pick the one where you have more information available. If you feel you must, you can choose a new organization. Step 2: Review any concerns you had about the agency from Homework 2 Are there programs that the agency has that do not seem evidence based? Do you question whether the intervention/prevention services they offer would be effective? Do you think the laws that the agency is responding to make sense, or do they need revising? Step 3: Go to the literature base and research TWO policy recommendations for your agency. You can start with your book or the lectures to get some ideas/keywords. Then go to psycinfo, google scholar, or your preferred academic search engine and look for evidence-based policy recommendations. These policy suggestions may include changes to the law, implementing new interventions/prevention measures, funding, training, staffing, or procedural suggestions. The policy recommendations do not need to be DIRECTLY connected to the empirical research. You must find a scholarly source (a research study) that supports EACH of the policy recommendations. Part 3: Recommendations WORKSHEET There are three main components of this assignment. Each should be answered in APA-style technical writing. Use appropriate, in-text citation methods when quoting specific sources. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are utilizing correct methods for citation. Agency Description (500 word limit) This is a condensed version of Homework 2. You will take the information from Homework 2 and condense it into a paragraph-form description of the agency that frames your recommendations. Give a general description of the featured agency Its general purpose Services provided Population serviced Staffing Source and length of funding Main strengths and weaknesses There should be a transitional statement at the end of this section that explains what is next to come (and why it makes sense following this section). EXAMPLE- “Observations of the agency’s strengths and shortcomings were used to compile two policy recommendations for legislation about XX service agencies. Empirical evidence is provided to support each of these recommendations. They are…” Policy Recommendations (500 word limit) There should be TWO paragraphs, one for EACH policy recommendation. BOTH policy recommendations should provide: A detailed policy recommendation Justification for the policy recommendation. Description of the study The population studied The general method (survey, interview, experiment, review of court records) The specific outcome of the study Summary statement wrapping everything up and reiterating the general theme Recommendations should be made with consideration of the funding available to the agency; thus, policy changes may affect hours of operation, client services provided, staff requirements, educational/training requirements of staff, efforts to attain funding, volunteer opportunities, etc. Be creative, but realistic. EXAMPLE- Domestic violence offenders should be required to pay a mandatory $500 fine that is donated to the victim’s domestic violence shelter of choice. Prosecutor’s offices should be mandated to have a documented protocol for transferring such funds to local shelters annually. During our review of the XX shelter, I discovered that the shelter was so severely understaffed that one shelter worker was expected to coordinate services for 50 women; staff reported that this was due to federal funding cuts. The importance of adequate staffing for domestic violence victims was illustrated in a recent study by Doe and Doe. Doe and Doe (2005) surveyed 200 domestic violence shelters in the United States and found that shelters with smaller staff-to-client ratios lower than 1 to 25 reported less domestic violence recurrences for their clients within a 1-year period and had a higher rate of mother-child reunification. Thus, mandated donation would cause an offender to be accountable while optimizing staffing and subsequent treatment success. Works Cited You must use appropriate in-text citations for all parts of the assignment. Provide a works cited list for that includes information ONLY FOR THE AGENCY YOU CHOSE, and the policy recommendations. Use appropriate APA formatting. You must use empirical research to support your policy recommendations. Not dissertations, not book chapters, not abstracts, etc.

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