Posted: September 22nd, 2022


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This assignments is TWO part assignment!
This is only part one! Which is a 700 word page paper. PROJECT TWO: CRIMINAL LAW
Location on map Demographics Population Racial, ethnic, and/or religious population percentages
Method by which sovereignty was attained ECONOMIC STRUCTURE Centralized Socialist Capitalist
Mixed GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE Type of government
Monarchy Dictatorship
Republic Democratic Constitution Common Law Written Other Branches
Legislative Judicial Method of selecting officials in branches LEGAL TRADITION Common Civil Islamic
Eastern Asia Combination SOURCE OF: Substantive Criminal Law Procedural Criminal Law DESCRIBE PROCEDURAL PROTECTIONS
Written assignments are to be word processed using Microsoft Word, size 12 New Times Roman font, double spaced with one (1) inch margins around the page (default), using the American Psychological Association (APA) citation method. Your research papers and presentations should be thorough and scholarly. Jargon, lingo, and street language are to be avoided and their use will decrease your grade. By way of example, and not limitation, “cop” is generally unacceptable, “police officer” or “law enforcement officers” is preferred. A person may be “mentally ill” or “legally insane” (they are not the same), not “nuts” or “crazy”. The material expected to be covered in each written project is covered toward the end of this syllabus. Keep in mind, the paper should be written as such. In other words, based off the material list pertaining to information that should be covered, make the information into a paper—do not simply bullet point answers. Further, ensure that you are crediting the source(s) used for the information that you are referencing by utilizing the proper APA format. The written paper must be submitted prior to the date/time due, as noted in the course schedule, and submitted via Blackboard’s SafeAssign feature. The PowerPoint portion of the assignment must be submitted via an electronic mail (email) attachment prior to the due date/time or utilizing the submit feature within the respective module under the assignment section. If the student runs into problems submitting the email due to size of the attachment, “note pages” of the presentation would be perfectly acceptable. If questions arise in regard to how to do so, in advance, ensure that you get with the instructor to work through PowerPoint to “print” the note pages if necessary.
Papers MUST BE 700 words or more! See grading table in the syllabus

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