Posted: February 3rd, 2022

Business project

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  • I need 2 different word documents.
  • First document just answer those questions:

1. Compare and contrast the differences and commonalities in luxury and other brands.

2. Explain how segmentation models are important to brand management as well as serve business objectives. Give detailed examples.

3. Brand personas are thought by some to be outdated due to segmentation models. Do you agree or disagree? Support your answer.

4. What research techniques are useful in developing segmentation models?

  • 2nd document please APAstyle answer this in an essay APA with title page and reference page with at least 3 references.
  1. You are the brand manager of a firm selling luxury automobiles. The CFO insists on increasing margins on sales to attain higher revenues and increase market share. The CEO has assigned you to launch an opening-price-point family car with the luxury brand name. How would you go about doing this?
    Requirements: 1 page first document and 3 page exclude title and reference 2nd word

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