Posted: February 17th, 2022


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For this assignment, you will submit a one-page annotated bibliography of the academic sources (3-5 sources) you will use for this contemporary area (Classical Liberalism Today) of Classical Liberalism to be covered in more detail in your final assignment.  CLASSICAL LIBERALISM TODAY includes the following THREE SECTIONS: NEO-AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS, PUBLIC CHOICE THEORY, and NEW CLASSICAL ECONOMICS.  Remember you are choosing ONLY one of these three contemporary approaches to Classical Liberalism to focus on for the annotated bibliography.  Be sure to include proper citations and if possible, copies of the articles/sources.  I will be approving the sources.
You only need your name and the perspective at the top (you could even include it in the header: Last Name-Perspective-contemporary approach—FOR EXAMPLE–Student Name-Radicalism-Institutional Economics)–no abstract, no title page, etc.  The final assignment will include a title page but none of the annotated bibliographies need a title page or abstract.

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