Posted: February 24th, 2022

“Closely Watched Films” by Marilyn Fabe

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Use “Closely Watched Films” by Marilyn Fabe and the actual films mentioned in the question below.
*TIP: When using texts in your answer, you are looking to support your claim. This does not necessarily mean finding a moment in which the author says something directly about the film you are discussing. Instead, this might mean looking to her on a certain topic (like on editing, or a type of shot, or a definition of modernism, etc.). Just because the author doesn’t write about the specific film you are discussing, this does not mean that she doesn’t have anything to say that will support your claim.
between 900-1250 words
12pt font
double spaced
Despite their great differences, we discussed both Woody Allens Annie Hall (USA, 1977) and Nelson Pereira dos Santoss How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (Brazil, 1971) as postmodern films.
Please write an essay in which you consider how each film is postmodern.
Produce a definition of postmodernism and how it operates in film, and support this definition with specific examples from each film.
What is the effect of the postmodern moves in each film?
How does each film and its particular postmodern gestures speak to the cultural and political context in which it was created?
Please draw upon the course texts and detailed analysis of specific scenes in supporting your answer.

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