Posted: February 16th, 2022

Communication Techniques and Alternatives.

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Question 1Please examine the sample memo (WA #3) on Communication Techniques and Alternatives. (The memo can be found in the Content area of the WRTG 394 classroom under the Content heading “Sample Papers for Assignments and Discussions” – the link is in the sidebar in the Content area. The correct sample is titled WA #3 Sample Memo Communication Techniques.) Then answer the following questions:1. What is the problem at her company that the student is addressing? 2. Has she accurately identified her decision maker? Is this decision maker appropriate? Has she accurately identified her relationship to the decision maker by identifying her position?3.Does the review follow the template provided in the assignment instructions? (WA #3 instructions can be found in the Content area of the classroom under Sample Papers and Writing Assignment Instructions for WRTG 394.)Question 2This discussion will enable you to plan for the third writing assignment. For this discussion, you will propose some problem you wish to solve, either in the workplace or your community, a target audience—specifically the decision-maker that you will eventually write to—and some primary research you would like to do. Be sure to read the complete directions for more details. Provide feedback for at least one classmate’s answers. NOTE: This is not your third writing assignment. This is a discussion topic that is designed to help prepare you for the third writing assignment.To complete your assignment, you will access the Assignments area and review the assignment directions. Then you will complete and submit your draft of the assignment in your assignment folder.Your third assignment in WRTG 394 involves writing a memo requesting permission to conduct research on the topic for your research report. You should focus on the following as you prepare your memo:Be specific – your assignment directions (located in the assignment area of the classroom) give you good examples of ways in which you can make sure that you are proposing a solution to a specific problem. You must answer the question, “How will MY workplace or community (this should be narrowly defined as your neighborhood, apartment community, base housing community, etc.) be made better by the solution(s) I recommend?”Identify a specific decision maker (or makers if, for example, you are proposing a solution to a workplace issue in your department that might require action by the HR director as well as your dept. head). Examples of such persons might be your apartment community manager, the director of base housing where you are stationed, your department head in your workplace, or your commander for your military unit.Offer some examples of the secondary research you have already done on this topic. (This should be research that you completed for WA #2, the synthesis literature review.Complete the following task. Post your completed task as your response to this discussion topic. For this discussion topic, please respond with a paragraph in which you describe the topic you are proposing, the audience (the decision maker(s) mentioned above), and some additional secondary research you may wish to do.
Requirements: 300-400 words each

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