Posted: February 24th, 2022

create 3 “dry” antibody identification cases.

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For this assignment, you are to create 3 “dry” antibody identification cases. Using any of the antigrams that are provided in the files below this assignment (or any others you find online or in your lab), fill out an antibody screen and panel sheet(s) for the 3 different scenarios listed below. You will need to write up each case and include at the minimum:
The patient’s clinical presentation including their age, transfusion history, pregnancy history, and any other important patient information (medications etc).
The patient’s ABO and Rh type
A properly filled out panel sheet with the antibody listed on it correctly. Examples: anti-D is correct, D is not; anti-Fya is correct, Fya is not.
Indicate on the panel sheet what type of methodology is used–tube testing with enhancement/potentiator, gel, or solid phase.
Mark the appropriate reactions on the antigrams and show how you ruled out and identified the antibody.
Make sure you only rule out when it is appropriate and consider those antigens that you can only rule out using a homozygous cell. You will need at least 2 cells to rule out K.
You may need to do additional testing to demonstrate your antibodies including an enzyme panel or a RT incubation, so do not forget about those! Be sure to indicate that on the panel sheets too.
You must have a case for each of the following:
1. A single antibody
2. 2 antibodies
3. An antibody showing dosage
This is your time to show me your best work, all that you know, and WOW me!

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