Posted: February 15th, 2022

current biology issue of interest to you.

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.In this assignment, you will submit a topic for your Biology Essay. The biology essay consists of a paper and a presentation about a current biology issue of interest to you. Listed below are several suggestions for general topic areas. You may select a topic from this list or come up with your own. You can use your other personal interests as a way to generate ideas as long as it relates to biology. Suggested topic areas: Invasive species
Everglades restoration project
Chemicals used in food additives
Metabolic enhancers
Cancer/ cancer treatments
Gulf of Mexico “Dead Zone”
Nutritional basis of fad diets
Chromosomal Disorders
Animal testing
The ethics of cloning
Genetically modified organisms used in food (GMO’s)
Gender dysphoria
Stem cell research and medical applications
Assisted reproduction
Controlling the environment
DNA use in the courtroom
Removal of natural habitat for development
Beach re-nourishment projects
Makeup, cosmetics, tattooing, hair coloring
Your topic Requirements Describe the topic: In one to two full sentences, explain the topic of your essay.
Be specific: The essay will be 500-700 words, which is not enough room to write about a very general topic. For example, if you are interested in Cancer, be sure to choose a specific type of cancer or cancer treatment to focus on. You will not be allowed to write about cancer in general.
Related to biology: The topic must relate directly to the area of biology. If needed, you can explain here how you will relate your topic to biology.
Submission of the assignmentType your topic description into the text box provided. Your instructor will give you feedback on your topic using the assignment rubric. ALL TOPICS MUST BE APPROVED. Make sure to check the feedback of this assignment to verify your topic was approved before continuing with the biology essay.
Requirements: 500-700 words   |   .doc file

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