Posted: May 5th, 2022

Customer/consumer profile assessment/analysis

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In this assignment, students will complete a detailed target market assessment for their case study retailer. There are a few examples of incorporating Target Market descriiptions into a case study in your textbook. Based on the index, check out pages 86, 89, 91, 92, 94, 95, 96, 97. 279, 284, 299 to see how these case studies included target market information. Research can be gathered from the retailer’s website, assessing Instagram posts or other social media especially ones that might include influencers. The retailer’s annual report also may provide target market information. You may find target market info on Plunkett Research in the FIDM library resources and you can also access Claritas to provide a psychographic descriiption of your target customer although these are zip code based.
It is recommended that you identify your target market with a descriiptive name that immediately gives an idea of who the customer might be. In some cases there may be more than one dominant target market, so please include more than one if appropriate.
The customer/consumer profile assessment/analysis should include:
Demographics -fact-based statistical information related to age/generation, gender, profession, income (use $s – not a descriiptive word such a middle or upper), education, location of residence,
Psychographics – information related to how the customer lives, how they spend their time and money, their activities/hobbies, their attitudes and opinions – their lifestyle qualities
Also include the target customer’s need for the retailer – frequency of shopping, level of shopping (share of wallet), loyalty, patterns of shopping. Be as descriiptive as possible.
The assessment/analysis content should be in paragraph format but may also include bullet points. Make sure to include in-text cites for statistics or direct quotes. Please include a works cited.
The weekly Assignment master rubric is attached below. Please take a look at how this assignment will be assessed based on the required criteria. Your graded weekly assignments will be returned to the related Canvas assignment site with comments for possible revisions along with the graded master Assignment rubric. Please keep in mind that the content developed in each assignment will be transformed, extracted, or used as is to complete the final pitch deck to be presented and submitted on the last day of class.

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