Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Decriminalized marijuana for all purposes

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FOR THIS PAPER, you are to compare two states based on their laws relating to marijuana. You must include specific citations to the statutes or constitutional provisions from the states you write about. You may wish to include articles or news reports about the state and its laws as well as court cases that might apply. Select any two US States or territories that have different approaches to marijuana. The different approaches, generally are that the state or territory has: Fully criminalized marijuana for all purposes. Decriminalized marijuana for all purposes Authorized only medical marijuana. You may not select Florida. Authorized both medical and recreational use of marijuana.
You are to compare the two states you have chosen based on their approaches. You should look at the history, evolution of the policies, court treatments, or any other relevant basis to distinguish and explain the differing result. You must provide support for your explanations. That support must be in the form of court cases, legislation, articles, news reports, treatises, journal articles, library resources, or other source.

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