Posted: March 2nd, 2022

Defects After Delivery

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a data analytics project and need support to help me learn.Sometimes a project is much more meaningful than an exaam. I think that this is a great illustration of the charts and visualizations that we have worked on thus far. I would like you to utilize any types of charts from Excel, Sheets or Tableau (Note: I would personally recommend using Excel but please feel free to use the one of your preference and especially taht you feel more comfortable with). You can also use Pivot Tables as you see fit. Each piece will be worth 10 points.Joanna Dreyer MowersPart 1: JD originally produced lawn mowers, but a significant portion of sales volume over recent years has come from the growing small-tractor market. JD sells their products worldwide, with sales regions including North America, South America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Three years ago, a new region was opened to serve China, where a booming market for small tractors has been established. JD has always emphasized quality and considers the quality it builds into its products as its primary selling point. In the past two years, JD has also emphasized the ease of use of their products.Before digging into the details of operations, Joanna Dreyer wants to gain an overview of JD’s overall business performance and market position by examining the information provided in the database for this company. Specifically, she is asking you to construct appropriate charts for the data in the following worksheets in the JD Database and summarize your conclusions from analysis of these charts. You mut use at least 3 different visualizations within the 8 that you are creating. Dealer Satisfaction
Mower Unit Sales
Tractor Unit Sales
Industry Tractor Total Sales
Unit Production Costs
Shipping Cost
Defects After Delivery
Part 2: Propose a monthly dashboard of the most important business information that Ms. Dreyer can use on a routine basis as data are updated. Create one using the most recent data. Your dashboard should consist of minimum of three to a maximum of five charts, which should fit comfortably on one screen.Write a report (250 word minimum) summarizing your results for both parts of this case. This report could be a summary of each specific sheet, which contributes to the story of their business performance. Each sheet is worth 10 points; dashboard is worth 10 points; report is worth 10 points.
Requirements: No word length requirement but please make sure to provide me with a complete high-quality finished work.

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