Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Defend your position from both perspectives.

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Question 1) Earlier you read about Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of personality. Now, let’s focus on defense mechanisms by viewing the video, “Do You Know Your 12 DEFENSE MECHANISMS?” and discussing. Have you ever seen anyone using one? Have you ever found yourself using them? What were the circumstances? Can different people use them in different combinations and in different circumstances? How do the defense mechanisms help form our individual personalities?
2)Question:Let’s discuss the following issues: A. Canada legalized cannabis in 2018. Debate the viability of legalizing cannabis for medicinal (and recreational) purposes. Discuss its method of action for various ailments; compare its effectiveness to current treatments and its side effects with those of current treatments. Then support the opposing position that it shouldn’t be legalized. Defend your position from both perspectives. B. Suppose a scientist created a way to block the dopamine-reward neural basis of addiction. Would addiction exist? Is drug addiction genetic or environmental? Make sure you provide research evidence to support your claims. C. Given the revelation by Lance Armstrong that he used performance-enhancing drugs, discuss the pros and cons of steroid usage in sports. Why allow it? What are reasons to sanction it? Read Armstrong’s To use Armstrong’s release of his announcement at

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