Posted: February 18th, 2022

Define the operational definition of the variables.

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Discuss your individual critical analysis of the posted article with in-text referencing to support your thoughts and ideas. Include an APA-formatted reference list.
1.       Identify the article chosen. Briefly describe the purpose of the study and identify the independent and dependent variables.
2.       Define the operational definition of the variables. Evaluate the operational definitions for clarity.
3.       Describe how data were collected and the instruments used to measure the data. Discuss whether these instruments were appropriate for use in this study.
4.       What steps should researchers take to ensure fidelity in data collection? Analyze what steps were taken by the researchers in this study.
5.       Was instrument validity addressed? If it was, describe how validity was addressed. If not, discuss how the researchers might have been confident that the instrument was valid.
6.       How does the strength and quality of evidence related to reliability and validity influence the applicability of findings to clinical practice?
7.       What is your cosmic question?

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