Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Delve into the characteristics of different geographic segments.

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Submit a word document only. College papers should be a min of 3-5 pages not including the separate cover and reference pages. This means a min of approximately 900-1000 words. APA formatting includes times new roman 12 pitch regular font throughout with double spacing (no extra lines between paragraphs). Always have a minimum of 2 or more references excluding yourself in APA format with a hanging indent. Use the following prompts to write your midterm paper. Review and discuss unit 3 which encompasses Target marketing opportunities and include in your paper .
One of the primary ways in which to identify different market segments is by using geography as a segmentation tool. Market segmentation divides the consumer marketplace into parts, usually households that are definable and actionable. A wealth of information is available about different geographic areas in regards to income, gender, age, lifestyle, occupation, and more. In various areas of the country, some products and services will be successful, and some will fail.
delve into the characteristics of different geographic segments.
1. Research information about a specific zip code.
2. Compare characteristics of households within different zip codes.
3. Develop a business that will fit within a specific zip code.
You can access the Internet and use Nielsen MyBestSegments zip code look-up tool.
when writing your paper, you can utilize the following prompts:
1. Discuss the importance of understanding the characteristics of a market segment, including geography, demographics, psychographics, and behavior.
2. What businesses would succeed in the zip codes? What businesses would fail?
3. Marketers can link consumer behaviors such as shopping, media, spending rate, and more based on where they live. The greater the understanding of the consumer and marketing segment, the more successful a business will be by utilizing the correct marketing program.

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