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dentify a news article that discusses a current event or social issue that relat

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identify a news article that discusses a current event or social issue that relates to your field of study. Follow the instructions below to explain the issue, provide an additional example of the issue, connect the issue to your field of study, and pose questions about the issue. See the Assignment 1 Model in Week 2 Content for an example. Grading
This assignment is worth 100 points (10%) of your final course grade.
Earning the maximum possible score on this assignment will require students to:
Step 1: complete all assigned components and answer reflection questions in the initial submission (earning up to 85% of the possible points)
Step 2: revise and resubmit the assignment and complete revision reflection questions (earning up to 15% of the possible points)
To see required components and associated points in the assignment rubric, please view this assignment through the Assignments area of the classroom and scroll to the bottom.
Due Dates
The deadline for initial submission of this assignment is the end of Week 2 (Tuesday, 11:59 PM Eastern).
The revision and revision reflection will be due seven days after receiving feedback on your initial submission or as specified by your instructor.
Connection to other Course Assignments
This assignment will help guide you identify a focus for your research and the remaining learning activities in the course. You are developing a topic on which your research essay will be based.
As you complete the tasks required for this assignment, you will be working toward several of the course outcomes:
Begin the writing process by exploring a topic (Relates to course outcome 3)
Compose paragraphs that explain an event or issue (Relates to course outcome 4)
Demonstrate accurate grammar and mechanics in writing (Relates to course outcome 5)
Identify a recent and reliable news source and provide APA documentation (Relates to course outcome 2)
Step 1: Initial Submission (earn up to 85% of the possible points for the assignment)
Your initial submission should include all of the following components:
First, identify your source for this assignment. It should be one news article, available through the UMGC Library, published within the past 12 months.
Content and Organization
Number your answers and/or include the assignment questions so your instructor can see that you addressed each part of the assignment.
Respond to each of the following.
1. Provide an APA-style reference for the news article you selected. The format for the reference is as follows:
Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title of article in sentence case. Title of Newspaper in Title Case and Italics.
Although the news article should be available through the UMGC Library, provide the URL directly to the newspaper that published the article. An APA reference entry does not link to a library database record. It does include the URL of the newspaper homepage, such as
2. For your instructor’s reference, provide the URL to the article in the UMGC Library. This will be listed as “Document URL” in the library record:
In the library record, click the Details tab.
From the details tab, copy the Document URL.
3. Summarize the article. Explain the event or issue covered in the article, assuming your reader has little or no prior knowledge of it. Answer in 1-2 paragraphs.
4. Describe a specific real-life situation (other than one discussed in your news article) where the issue at hand has been observed. This could be something that happened to you or someone you know, or it could be a related event in the news. Explain the connection to the event or issue in your news article. Answer in 1-2 paragraphs.
5. What is your field of study and how do you see it relating to the event or issue in your news article? Answer in one paragraph.
6. What do you want to know about the issue or event in your news article? List two or more questions that you could pursue as part of your research. Though you are listing two or more questions here, your research should ultimately be focused on a single guiding question.
Language Choices
As a writer, you are free to decide how you use language, keeping the following in mind:
style: your language choices should result in a consistent writing style that is purposeful and aligned with your goals
readability: your language choices should ensure that your ideas are clear and easy to follow
When composing your assignment, think about the conventions for academic writing, including:
punctuation: this includes things such as recommended use of commas, colons, and apostrophes.
word-level accuracy: this includes things such as capitalization, spelling, word-tense, and usage.
sentence-level accuracy: this includes things such as sentence boundaries, subject-verb agreement, and pronoun-antecedent agreement.
Take time to review your language choices after you’ve published your assignment. Think about your goals for the style of this writing and your own writing habits (like using “text-speak,” omitting capitalization, or writing sentence fragments). Revise as necessary to accomplish your style and readability goals.
Reading your writing aloud is a helpful technique when reviewing your language choices for style and readability.
Length and Format
Responses to individual questions should follow the guidelines above, and the entire completed assignment should be at least 700 words.
Incorporate these elements of APA style:
Use one-inch margins.
Double space.
Use an easy-to-read font between 10-point and 12-point.
Note: Title page is not required, but make sure you include your name and a title that reflects your topic at the top of the first page. Reflection Questions
The reflection questions are to be answered separately. Post these in the “comments” box when submitting your assignment. You can number your answers or write them in paragraph form. Be sure to address all four questions.
Aside from simply meeting the requirements, what were your personal goals for this assignment?
When reviewing your language choices, what choices did you make to approach your goals for staying within or moving beyond conventions for academic writing?
What parts of your work on this assignment are you most proud of?
What challenged you in this assignment and/or where do you need additional support from your instructor?
Step 2: Revise and Resubmit (earn up to 15% of the possible points for the assignment)
Students who want to earn the up to the maximum possible score can choose to complete the following revision and revision reflection components of the assignment.
Revise your assignment based on feedback from your instructor, your peers, and/or your own writing goals. In your revision, track the changes from your first publish so that your instructor can easily identify where you made revisions. Submit your revised essay as a file in this assignment folder.
Use strikethrough to indicate areas that should be deleted.
Use bold-face to indicate areas where you are adding content.
Complete a revision reflection. The reflection questions are to be answered separately and posted in the “comments” box when submitting your revised assignment. You can number your answers or write them in paragraph form. Be sure to address all three questions.
Which areas of feedback did you choose to address in your revised version and why?
How did you address this feedback in your revised version? Which areas of feedback did you choose not to address in your revised version and why?

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