Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Describe and analyze the incidence and prevalence of -eating disorders -self mutilation -suicide -homicide -human trafficking

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Select one of the following topics to be the focus of your post this week:  -eating disorders -self mutilation -suicide -homicide  -human trafficking  Answer ALL of the following questions related to your topic in your initial post: -Describe and analyze the incidence and prevalence of the topic you selected, as it applies to your community or state. -Discuss and compare factors that influence the development or progression of the topic you selected. -Discuss at least 2 health prevention interventions that you could utilize to combat the topic you selected. -Compare the roles of the community health nurse, the primary care physician/provider, mental health provider, and other appropriate healthcare providers; and how collaborative care would look like in the community with this type of issue. Must be in APA and must include at least two peer reviewed nursing journal articles

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