Posted: January 19th, 2022

Describe Cleancult’s Current Marketing Mix

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn. Visit Cleancult’s (Links to an external site.) official website and social media channels to learn more about the company and their marketing decisions (e.g., look at Our Mission tab, products, their blog, Our Press tab, Ambassadors tab, etc. – you can find links at the bottom of their pages). Then, watch the following YouTube video for additional information: Read through the following linked articles: Zero-Waste Cleaning Product Company Cleancult Raises $25 million dollars (Links to an external site.), Purpose at Work: How Cleancult is Fueling the Zero Waste Movement (Links to an external site.), and Millennial men still don’t do laundry. (Links to an external site.)
Conduct your own secondary research to identify and utilize current trends in the external analysis section. To do so, you can do a Google search for terms such as “home laundry detergent trends 2021” “Laundry detergent competitors” “U.S. economic trends 2021”, “laundry trends by age cohort,” “laundry trends by gender,” etc. You can and should access databases through UO Library, such as IBISWorldLinks to an external site., Mintel ReportsLinks to an external site., and/or Business Source CompleteLinks to an external site. to further identify pertinent external environment trends. I will also encourage you to review the U.S. Plastics Pact, (Links to an external site.) which is discussed in the “Purpose at Work” article.
After having done so, you will answer the Cleancult Company Questions found below.
Answer all these questions:
Cleancult Company Questions: 4P Description: Describe Cleancult’s Current Marketing Mix (4P’s): (Using bullet points for describing the 4P’s is acceptable)Types of Products offered:
Price points (generally):
Retail and distribution outlets & geographic distribution (i.e., geographically where is the product made available):
Promotional tools utilized (consider tools such as advertising, social media platforms [be specific as to which ones], website, sales promotions, direct marketing [e.g., newsletter], public relations, etc.):
Target Market/Consumer Behavior: Who is/are Cleancult’s likely Target Market(s), in your opinion? Describe in depth, utilizing consumer behavior concepts to create a more in-depth profile of these consumers and their consumption behaviors.
Resources & Growth Strategy:What resources does Cleancult have available to them?
What growth strategy do they appear to be following, using Ansoff’s Matrix?
External Analysis (Macroenvironmental Trends): Identify and describe specific external trends that are impacting the consumer laundry industry or happening within the consumer laundry industry, from what you read and researched. You will identify specific trends relating to each of the following macroenvironmental trend areas: Demographic, Technological, Economic, Political/Social, Natural, and Cultural areas. Then, identify the impact that each of these trends have on the industry, whether positive or negative – and why? Remember to cite your sources appropriately for each data insight (parenthetical reference right after the data point; full citation at the end of your post)Demographic Factors (What’s happening in age cohorts, Gender trends, Ethnic trends, etc.)
Technological Factors (Trends in research, innovation):
Economic Factors (Trends in the economy, e.g., recession/growth, inflation, interest rates, etc.)
Political/Social Factors (Trends in the political/social realm, such as litigation, government, etc.)
Natural Environment Factors (Raw materials shortages/surplusses, environmental change/impact, etc.)
Cultural Factors (Trends within our norms, behaviors, rituals, traditions, values, etc.)
External Analysis (Competitors Analysis): Who are the key competitors of Cleancult and what are their corresponding strengths/weaknesses?
SWOT Analysis: Using the above information from Questions 1-5, develop a SWOT table for Cleancult. I encourage you to provide your rationale for your classification of each point.
Requirements: word count at least 550

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