Posted: February 19th, 2022

Describe how your business operations will work

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For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:
Describe how your business operations will work. In other words, you want to explain the day-to-day flow of activities necessary to deliver your product or service to customers. Wherever applicable, identify costs. Be sure to address the following, if applicable to your chosen business, in the post:
Describe the facility, including its location.
Specify whether it is rented or owned; include any associated costs.
Estimate the cost of utilities, such as water/sewer, gas, electricity, and trash removal.
Production Process.
Describe the production process (how you will produce the product) or describe how your business will operate if retail or service company.
Identify the equipment you will use and associated costs.
Describe the capacity to produce the product.
Explain your approach to quality control.
Explain your approach to inventory, as applicable.
Where do your supplies come from?
What is your turnaround time to produce your product once you have received an order?
Research and Development.
Explain how you will stay abreast of new industry developments.
Describe the new products or services that are in development.
Personnel Needs in Operations.
Specify the number of operations employees you plan to have.
Describe their roles.

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