Posted: September 30th, 2022

Describe the importance of leadership and provide examples of your leadership style and leadership that you have demonstrated in your school, community, or work. 500-word MAX could be less.

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Question: Describe the importance of leadership and provide examples of your leadership style and leadership that you have demonstrated in your school, community, or work.
500-word MAX could be less.
For additional context: I am applying for a scholarship to help pay for school. See below for the Job position: Director of School Operations and day-to-day responsibilities.
JOB DESCRIPTION SUMMARY The Director of School Operations is the leader of operations. The DSO manages and is responsible for all non-instructional systems and staff in the building.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES What activities will this person spend his/her time on in order to achieve his/her metrics? People Management: Manage the school operations staff and all other school support workers on the operations team.
Implement and execute a performance management system for direct reports. Conduct weekly individual meetings and team meetings. Provide professional development
Day to Day School Operations and Systems.
Plans invest, and trains staff to ensure day-to-day systems run smoothly and efficiently including front office systems, transportation, routines, transitions, arrival, and dismissal.
Oversee day-to-day operations of school-based technology projects by ensuring that school leaders, students, and staff have access to the technology they need.
Oversee the food service management company to ensure the meal program meets the network’s expectations Academic Support Operations:
Ensures teachers & leaders have the resources and instructional supplies they need to be successful.
Plans logistics for report card conferences.
Manage the operational logistics of all student test administration in coordination with school leadership and/or teaching staff.
Creates systems for curriculum and instructional supplies inventory to ensure teachers have the things they need to be successful.
Supports with instructional field lesson (field trip) planning
Community & Family Partnerships.
Ensures that the school has a positive relationship with families and the surrounding community, examples may include:
Supports with family & community events planning
Develops a system to ensure ongoing family communication.
Serves as liaison to after-school community partnerships.
Develop and manage a protocol for community use of the building that includes MOUs, background checks, and compliant use of the facility.
Establish partnerships with local businesses and organizations.
Facilities & Vendor Management.
Ensures the overall operation, beautification, safety, and compliance of the school facility. Works with the custodian to build and manage building-wide systems.
Plans and implements long-term projects for upkeep and beautification.
Oversees and supports custodians with any after-hours emergencies or urgent facilities needs. Procure and manage all vendors needed for the smooth and successful operation of the facility including contractors, service providers, and maintenance workers.
Safety & Security: Ensures that systems and materials are in place to ensure the safety of all staff and students in the building. Trains all staff on the plan and procedures. Creates and updates security plans for school and related materials annually.
Leads the Incident Command System in the event of an emergency. Manages relationship with the security guard (if applicable).
Develop a detailed understanding of complex processes and requirements and be able to effectively communicate it to others (certification, workers comp).
Ensure school-wide compliance with health and safety laws.
Support staff certification and fingerprinting compliance.
Comply with any city and state education mandates.
Comply with all federal and state workplace regulations.
Maintain compliance for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.
Student Enrollment
Ensure the school meets annual enrollment targets by backward planning from target enrollment numbers and dates.
Review & synthesize data to drive results through the operations team.
Create a vision and plan for family engagement to ensure a welcoming environment for new families.
Creates systems and trains/invests in staff to ensure accurate attendance entry.
Support school operations manager and leadership team to create attendance incentive plans.
Works with school operations manager to create a plan to address chronic absenteeism that leverages other school stakeholders (leadership team, social workers, deans, teachers, etc).
Finance and Purchasing:
Develop and manage the school’s budget
Oversee purchasing for the school, including ensuring the school follows purchasing compliance requirements. Complete detailed monthly budget analysis to ensure the school remains within budget while providing resources to the student, staff, and families.
Ensure staff is being responsible stewards of school dollars.
Human Resources:
Provide Tier 1 Human Resources support to staff including supporting new hires with the onboarding process, answering basic questions, and supporting staff with accessing HR wiki resources.
Ensure onboarding requirements for new staff members are completed 3 days prior to the target start date.
Manage ADP timesheets, time away from work, and employee schedules.
Manages employee renewal process annually.
Processes quarterly stipends for staff

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