Posted: September 22nd, 2022

Describes racial identity development and its five stages.

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You work as a manager of human service providers for a culturally diverse population. After some complaints about new human service providers hired last month, you have been asked to create a memo for the new human service providers to educate them on racial identity development.
Write a 1,050 word memo to help train new human services providers on racial identity development. Specifically, ensure your memo includes the following:
Describes racial identity development and its five stages.
Describes why it is important for providers to understand racial identity development when working with a culturally diverse population.
Discusses how you would tailor your professional response and interventions to individuals based on the stage of perceived and/or assessed racial identity development.
Includes a chart that lists the five stages of racial identity development, description of each stage, actions and phrases to avoid for each stage, and recommendations of techniques for each stage. The chart should serve as a quick reference guide for the new human services providers. This will serve as 1 page of your memo.
You may want to review and refer back to Table 9-2 and Section 9-2, “Racial Identity Development and the Helping Process,” from your textbook in your memo.
Cite at least 2 evidence-based pieces of literature using APA format.

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