Posted: January 23rd, 2022

Designing a global logo.

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  • Competency Investigate and modify workplace visual media communication to enhance efficiency in completing tasks.
  • Scenario You work for a marketing organization that has taken on a new client. The new client is originally an American company which targets American clients.
  • However, with the current trends, this company realizes it needs to extend into global operations.

Your task is to:

  1. create two logos for this new client and submit a video presentation for the marketing team to review.
  2. Create an original, American-style logo, and then create a more globalized version of that logo.
  3. Since most of the company’s global clients come from India, design the global logo to reflect the visual preferences that might appeal to that specific global audience.
  4. When designing the logos, utilize the following visual communication elements:Logo size
    Logo color scheme
    Logo symbols/symbolism
    Logo iconic meaning
    The marketing team has specified that the video presentation should be less than three minutes in length, and be created using a screen share to show both your visuals and audio analysis. They have also sent an email stating the following items need to be addressed:
  5. The main objective is to present your two logos and address how they strategically and effectively use the visual communication elements itemized.
  6. Be sure to compare and contrast how differently American and Indian target audiences may respond to these logos.
  7. Discuss why your marketing organization should consider the importance of using the visual elements you visually designed for these logos.
    Grading rubric Creates an American logo which thoroughly uses visual communication elements: size, color, symbolism, iconic meaning. Creates an Indian logo which accurately uses some visual communication elements: size, color, symbolism, iconic meaning. Thoroughly compares and contrasts how American and Indian target audiences respond differently to logos.
    Requirements: Presentation needed   |   .doc file

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