Posted: February 1st, 2022

Develop a business growth strategic plan for a business you are engaged in

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Develop a business growth strategic plan for a business you are engaged in,

  • using the models and tools learned at the module.
  • The models you can use are Ansoff matrix,
  • BCG portfolio management framework,
  • Bowman’s clock model etc.

You are not limited to these models and can apply any studied on the module in a combination that you believe addresses best the challenge of growth in the business.

The areas to cover will be:

  1. Key partnerships (suppliers and partners) needed.Key activities: this could be critical success factors etc.Key resources.Value proposition.Customer segments.Customer relations.
  2. Channels: for each segment such as advertising, promotion, social media, Instagram, websites, search engines etc.Cost structures.
  3.  Revenue streams: sources of income for each segment
  4. An indicative structure for your report could be as follows:1. Background2. Description of the company: a) industrial and geographical focus, b) size of the management team, c) financial performance3. What are the objectives of this organisation and how they can be achieved through implementing functional strategies?4. Challenges the company is experiencing (at a functional level and at the level of the organisation as a whole)5. Articulate various internal growth strategies (applying Ansoff’s and BCG frameworks) and the benefits and risks associated with implementing each of those. If you consider it appropriate for this organisation, you may also consider external growth strategies. Please consider the impact of the various growth strategies on the organisation as a whole and on specific functional areas taking into account such aspects as: a. Customer service b. Inventory levels c. Production processes and production capacity levels d. Promotional activities e. Resource requirements for implementing a given growth strategy f. Etc.*** Words count = 2200 words.*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style. (If needed)*** I’ve uploaded compressed file named “Materials” related to this assignment.

Requirements: As mentioned

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