Posted: September 16th, 2022

Did the students increase in task completion?

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Application or Understanding Topic: Picture Activity Schedules Assigned Reading: The effects of a picture activity schedule for students with intellectual disability to complete a sequence of recreation tasks following verbal directions. (Uphold, Douglas, & Loseke, 2016) 1. What is a picture activity schedule? 2. How might picture activity schedules be a useful instructional tool for teachers who serve students with an intellectual disability and/or autism? 3. What behavior was measured in the participants? See the Dependent Measures section. 4. How was the skill taught? In other words, what were the actions of the teacher(s) to increase skills and knowledge among participants? See the ePAS intervention sessions section under General Procedures. 5. How was generalization of the skill introduced? 6. Look at the graphs. Did the students increase in task completion? How do you know?

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