Posted: May 5th, 2022

Discuss how American popular music has misappropriated American Indian culture

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For this research paper discuss how American popular music has misappropriated American Indian culture. In this paper make sure to define these terms: Singing Red face, Racial Antipathy, Idealized Sympathy, Cultural Misappropriation, and Cultural Confusion as defined from the textbook. In your paper I want you to address what Stereotyping and Playing Indian/Singing Red face are and how they are related. You should include information about the documentary you selected and why it relates to your paper. Make sure to discuss the role of media, entertainment, cinema, etc. the perpetuation and/or creation of stereotypes.
In addition to discussing and defining these terms, choose one musical example and analyze how the music, lyrics, and performance are an example of Singing Red face. If a music video or album cover art is available use it to support the thesis of your argument. You can choose a song of your choice or a song that is mentioned in the textbook.
1500 to 1750 words
3 academic sources are required, but I would prefer to see at least 4 different sources used. Your textbook should be used as one of your sources
You should use your textbook as ONE document MAKE SURE TO USE AND CITE YOUR TEXTBOOK
You should use the movie Reel Injun, In Whose Honor, or Latinos Beyond Reel as ONE source
Use an academic writing style guide such as APA, MLA, or Chicago
Footnotes, Endnotes, or Parenthetical citations must be used
Include a works cited page

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