Posted: August 15th, 2022

Discuss the data to be used within the opportunity.

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Part 1:
Establish the beginning of a machine learning proposal that would recommend the use of machine learning algorithms in a practical and real-world scenario. For this opportunity, provide the background on the nature of the opportunity, give potential data to be used, and clearly articulate the desired goal and outcome. Ensure data are available for this solution because you will be modeling with it in Week 4. Potential data sources can be found at,, and many others. This proposal will be communicated to both a technical and nontechnical audience.
In part 1, you will establish the foundation and shell document for your final assignment (your machine learning proposal that will be applied to a practical and real-world scenario).
The project deliverables include the following:
Identify a machine learning opportunityProvide the background on the opportunity and why machine learning will benefit the scenario.
Discuss the data to be used within the opportunity.
Clearly articulate the desired outcome when successful machine learning is applied.
Discuss 3 potential algorithms that could be used.Discuss the data assumptions for these algorithms.
Discuss how algorithm performance will be evaluated.
Include code examples when necessary.

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