Posted: March 2nd, 2022

Discuss the Trafficking Victims Protection Act….. What is it

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Learning Goal: I’m working on a criminal justice question and need support to help me learn.Part A Please answer question in 4-5 sentences 1. Discuss the Trafficking Victims Protection Act….. What is it? How effective is it? Are there ways that it can be changed to make it more effective? Part B Please include the question, and then your answer/analysis, double spaced, 12 font, times new roman 1. How have mandatory arrest and no-drop policies improved the livesof women involved in cases of intimate partner abuse? How havethese policies negatively affected victims?2. What unique issues do immigrant victims of intimate partner abuseface?3. Describe the different forms of violence that can occur within anintimate partner abusive relationship.4. Explain how the cycle of violence attempts to explain incidents ofintimate partner battering.5. What barriers exist for women in their attempts to leave a batteringrelationship?6. How has the use of technology changed the way in which victimsexperience stalking? What challenges do these changes present forlaw enforcement and the criminal justice system in pursuing cases ofcyberstalking?7. How do victims cope with the experience of being stalked?
Requirements: answer question fully

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