Posted: September 16th, 2022

Do not use contractions (isn’t, doesn’t, it’s).

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INSTRUCTIONS: READ: Bliege Bird, R., Smith, E., & Bird, D. W. (2001). The hunting handicap: costly signaling in human foraging strategies. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 50(1), 9-19. (Attached)
REQUIREMENTS: – Answer each of the following questions separately; do not submit an essay.
– Answers should be in complete sentences, use correct grammar and punctuation, not include sentence fragments, and contain no misspellings (bulleted lists are okay where appropriate). – All work must be in your own words; do NOT use quotes from the article. – Assignment should be double spaced, in 12-point font, and use 1-inch margins. – You must use APA format for any citations (guidelines for APA formatting have been posted on TITANium). Note that a “Works Cited” section is required on all assignments. This assignment does not require any in-text citations
QUESTIONS: Answer each of the following questions in complete sentences. Number your answers 1-7. Explain the primary aim or goal of the study; what are the authors’ purposes in conducting this research? Identify the specific hypothesis or hypotheses being tested in the study. Describe the methods used in the study. Identify the main predictor measures (independent variables) and outcone measures (dependent variables) used in the study. Summarize the results of the study. Explain the authors’ conclusions based on their data. Describe how the findings from this study inform your own understanding of the central topic of the study.
Identify any specific critiques you may have of the study (you may have critiques regarding the underlying theory/assumptions, the methods, or the interpretation of the results). Be specific: explain why your argument is a valid critique of the study and what the author(s) could do to address those critiques. DO NOT USE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE as the primary rationale for a critique (e.g., it is unacceptable to say “I don’t agree with this author’s conclusions about mate preferences because in my experience, women like men who are nice more than they like men with money.”) If you do not have any specific critiques, you should state explicitly what made this a good study. In general: Take some time to refresh your writing skills. You will find it essential to complete the written component of the assignment successfully. I have posted several resources for writing on TITANium. Remember that the aim of your writing is clarity, and simple is often better than complex Sentences that are too long (4 or more ‘clauses’ or parts) may confuse the reader. If a simpler, more direct word works to make your point as well as a $5 “SAT” word, use the simpler one. Use technical terms correctly and only when needed. Learn what they mean, how to use them and how to spell them. Do not use contractions (isn’t, doesn’t, it’s). While these are common in speech, in formal writing the full form (is not, does not, it is) is expected.

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