Posted: September 23rd, 2022

Do not use first person “i” in this essay (ex: i believe…), second person “you” (ex: you see…), and never refer to your essay in third person (ex: “this essay will discuss”, “as mentioned in the previous paragraph”, “this example proves”…).

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Instructions: Read and reread “The Storm.” Explain how the author presents a woman in an unfulfilling marriage, who finds sexual fulfillment with another man. FYI: Chopin isn’t trying to suggest that Calixta should marry Alcee. On the contrary: Chopin is saying that sometimes the best husband isn’t the best lover. And sometimes the best lover wouldn’t make a great husband. Bobinot is a good man, but he’s more like a second child than a lover.
Note: You will use a combination of traditional support and symbolism to prove your analysis. Please do not just insert symbols to support your paragraph. You must EXPLAIN what they mean! Also, you will use a central idea statement for this paper (not a thesis statement).
You MUST develop this essay in the following manner.
Paragraph I. Introduction – w/Central Idea statement (same idea as the first essay)
Paragraph II. The purpose here is to show how Calixta is in an unfulfilling marriage: prove and discuss how Bobinot is subservient – more like a second child than a husband.
Tip: Look at how Bobinot is overshadowed by his four year old son. Bibi seems more composed and aware than Bobinot, thereby diminishing Bobinot’s maturity and/or paternal role. Also, notice how Calixta doesn’t have confidence that Bobinot will do the smart thing, and notice how Bobinot seems to fear his wife when they arrive home. Symbolism is not required in this paragraph. (at least 4 different examples/quotes required)
Paragraph III. Further discuss Calixta’s unfulfilling marriage: prove and discuss Calixta
and Bobinot’s lack of sexual intimacy.
Tip: Notice the bedroom description symbols, as well use the repeated use of the color “white” to describe Calixta’s body.
Symbolism required. (at least 4 different examples/quotes required)
DO NOT discuss Alcee or any Alcee related events. Focus on Bobinot and Calixta.
Paragraph IV. Conclusion
Note: A works cited page is NOT necessary for this assignment since the reading is not within a cite-able textbook. Parenthetical citations are also not required since there is no source information. However, quotes to support are required as usual. The minimum number of examples/quotes required in each paragraph is indicated in the outline above.
Each support paragraph must begin with a clear TOPIC STATEMENT consisting of your own words (no quotes included). A topic statement identifies the specific purpose of the paragraph. It is usually one or two sentences (no more than two). The topic statement is crucial to the reader’s understanding of your paragraph’s goal. If you don’t have a clear topic statement, then there is no established purpose for the paragraph’s contents. Include the outline’s bold typed key words (or synonyms) in your topic statements. After the topic statement, you may begin discussing and supporting your topic with the first claim.
A specific CLAIM must come before a quoted example or be integrated with the quoted example. The function of the claim is to provide purpose for that specific example. The claim establishes your first point in support of the paragraph’s topic, and the quote that follows is the evidence for that point. If you don’t provide a clear claim, then you will probably be merely retelling the story with no stated reason. You must integrate QUOTES into your discussion. Don’t just throw them in randomly. Quotes must be integrated smoothly into your sentences and the integration must follow grammar and syntax rules. Quotes are usually integrated with the claims, but they can be integrated with the analysis as an alternate. Avoid integrating quotes with both, the claim and analysis, at the same time in one long sentence. This usually creates wordy, run-on sentences or confusing ideas. Also, only use the part of the quote that you need – anything more distracts from your point. See “Quotation Inclusions” under “Resources” in Blackboard for help on integrating quotes. Also, see the sample paragraph provided, “Tension”. The minimum number of quotes required in each paragraph is indicated in the outline above. Don’t provide quotes that merely state or restate a claim; provide quotes that illustrate/prove your claims. The required number of quotes should also each reflect different examples. All references to examples from the story must be quoted in your paper. Quotes longer than 3 lines is NOT acceptable. This means BLOCK QUOTES are NOT allowed.
ANALYSIS must follow your quoted example. Your analysis explains (and persuades) how the quoted example proves the previously stated claim and paragraph’s topic. Remember, quotes do not speak for themselves. They must be explained and put into context to support the point you’ve made. The key to literary analysis is to thoroughly explain your ideas.
DO NOT use first person “I” in this essay (ex: I believe…), second person “you” (ex: you see…), and never refer to your essay in third person (ex: “this essay will discuss”, “as mentioned in the previous paragraph”, “this example proves”…). Also avoid terms/phrases like: “for example”, “this shows”, “the author says”, “the second paragraph of the story indicates”, “first”, “second”, “finally”. Also be sure to avoid repetition in your essay. Poor quote integration and/or poor analysis usually results in repetition. Consider this: a lawyer doesn’t simply dump a stack of papers in front of a jury and say, “all this evidence proves my case. Thanks for coming…good luck in your deliberation”. Instead, a lawyer briefly states his case at the beginning, and then spends the next week arguing (attempting to convince) and explaining his evidence to his audience that what he is saying is true and correct. It is a persuasive goal. This is the approach you should take when writing a literary analysis. Your goal is not to simply state an opinion. Your goal should be to convince the reader that your opinion/analysis is correct. This requires quoted examples, and explanations to help show how the example proves your point.

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