Posted: September 20th, 2022

-“dress reform and the bloomer,” journal of american and comparative cultures 23, no.1 (spring, 2000).

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In a 3-4 page double spaced (11 or 12 point font) essay, answer the question:
Where does the ideology of separation of spheres fit into women’s long-term struggle for rights in the early to mid 1800s?
An introduction that provides context of the time period and the concepts of Separation of Spheres and/or the Cult of Domesticity.
I encourage you to start the paper like the assignment asking you to fill out sentences. For example, “One thing people think they know about women’s struggle for rights in the early to mid 1800s is __________. But what they should understand is ____________. The ideology of separation of spheres helps explain this _________.
Cited Examples in the body of the paper from all the assigned sources supporting statement and analysis:
-America’s Women Chapter 5 (Gary Collins)
-America’s Women Chapter 6 (by Gary Collins)
-Theda Perdue’s “Cherokee Women and the Trail of Tears” Journal of Women’s History; Bloomington, Ind. Vol. 1, Issue. 1, (Spring 1989):14-30.
Jennifer Ladd Nelson,
-“Dress Reform and the Bloomer,” Journal of American and Comparative Cultures 23, no.1 (Spring, 2000).“
I grew Up in a Corset (Links to an external site.)
” video
A Conclusion that sums up your point
Conclusion summary

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